Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going Beyond Nature

In the last couple of posts this blog raised the question on the role of architecture in overcoming the challenges facing the world, over-consumption by the developed world, need for development in the developing world, sustainability for both. On one end of the spectrum was the work of the Open Architecture Network and on the other discussions of Frank Gehry's work on the MIT Stata building. Not as a criticism of Gehry's work, but the issues such work brings up and the debate regarding those issues.

The following is also from MIT and features Werner Sobek discussing architecture which is 100% recyclable and capable of incredible designs. It addresses the question of what can be done, not necessarily what should be done, but its interdisciplinary approach provides a good model for overcoming global challenges and it demonstrates the potential of what is possible.

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April 24, 2008
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"Complete know how in disciplines is one thing, but to work in terra incognita, this is something we more or less have devoted our lives to..."

—Werner Sobek

Building Avant la Garde

There's more than a little magic in Werner Sobek's constructions, which balance aesthetics, architectural constraints and pathbreaking science to, in his words, "go beyond" nature's own limits.

Werner Sobek
Engineer and Architect, Werner Sobek Ingenieure

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Department of Architecture

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