Saturday, June 14, 2008

Energy And Politics Bio-Fuels And Barack

I wrote, more like groused, just a few posts ago about getting into writing repeat posts on various subjects like energy and bio-fuels. Well, here I am creating a post on energy and bio-fuels. The primary purpose of this weblog is to be a medium for self-education. It helps me find informative links on various subjects. It also helps me to combine and synthesize the information found in those links. The writing of the post is a means of finalizing the process of learning for this set of related links. Once the information is gathered, organized and made meaningful for myself, there is also a certain pleasure in sharing it.

These issues have particular importance as we are about to elect a new president who will set the energy agenda for the next four to eight years.

The weblog Earth2Tech provides a look at both the Obama and McCain energy policies.

One of the comments in reaction to the article raised an issue with Obama's position on bio-fuels. Barack Obama has, as have many of us, changed his view on bio-fuels according to this Wired Magazine article.

To better understand the impact that these decisions are and will have on our world, the website Breathing Earth illustrates the acceleration of pollution in developed and developing countries. The link goes to a StumbleUpon site which comments from others who agreed or disagreed.

BreathingEarth - StumbleUpon --- - diigo Tag: environment
  • The site provides an effective visualization of the impact of carbon emissions on the environment across the globe. The use of energy always has a cost. This originates from another social tagging community StumbleUpon providing different perspectives on the site - post by brianddrpm

Finally for this particular learning component, and with the objective of providing different points of view, is a video snippet from FORA-tv featuring a debate between Newt Gringrich and Jeffery Sachs on Iraq Oil. The full video is far more informative. To see the entire video on their conversation regarding a Contract With The Earth click on the FORA-tv icon at the bottom right of the video

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