Friday, June 20, 2008

100 Million For The Millenium Goals

I have written before that I would stop mixing content regarding the various subjects I blog about with updates about the ongoing activities of this blog. This post demonstrates that does not work. It is this blog that connects me in an every widening and deepening manner with others across the globe.

Fellow Blogspot Blogger Aditi (who unfortunately does not have a Blogger profile) left a comment on my post "Best Intentions Unintended Consequences" which I did back in December of last year. A quick check of Google got me to Wikipedia where I learned that Aditi is an Indian Goddess.

I truly agree with consciousness awakening part of the post.!
People rating poverty as poor from their hearts is the first step towards any revolution to be taking place..

The Millennium Development goals of the this principle..!
They wants people to think..question themselves and then come forward to their bit in the cause..!
It has being doing enormous efforts on these lines….
This year UN will be shifting its focus on India, with Stand Up and Take action event and getting many hands together to fulfill the 8 goals…
Be updated….with the latest happeningss..

I was interested to find out who was reaching out 6 months after I wrote the post and why beyond what was written. Feedburner told me that I had a visitor from Bombay, India. Feedburner also let me know that somebody searched for "child health end poverty" on Google. My blog was nowhere to be found that I could discover but the top choice from Google was Child Health End Poverty 2015. Hittail let me know that Aditi likely found me through Google Blog Search.

I was still interested in finding out who it was that was reaching out so I followed the link and ended up joining Orkut. The link took me to the Orkut group for End POVERTY by 2015 United Nations Millennium Campaign Stand UP Take ACTION 17-19 Oct 2008.

The group has 1,415 members, the majority seem to be from India. I joined the group to help take a small step in their goal to cross the 100 Million mark this time. I figured that if they were nice enough to reach out to me I should do the same.

I might be overstepping some bounds but I decided to take what follows straight from their site.

Be the first generation to end poverty by 2015 with the United Nations' Eight Goal Millennium Campaign.

1. End Hunger
2. Universal Education
3. Gender Equity
4. Child Health
5. Maternal Health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS
7. Environmental Sustainability
8. Global Partnership

In 2007, Over 43.7 million people, in 127 countries broke the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to “STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY” in 24 hours

SMS JOIN ENDPOVERTY2015 to 567673434 for mobile updates.

language: English (US)

category: Activities

type: public

content privacy: members only

forum: non-anonymous

location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 40005, India

created: March 25, 2008 4:12 AM

members: 1,415

It is still worthwhile to join Orkut as there are other resources available at the site. There may be similar groups from other countries. There is a similar group on Facebook. This is what is so amazing about the Internet and Web 2.o. Even though this weblog does not reach millions it does reach people around the world. Somebody from Pakistan or Thailand may read this and also take part. They in turn can be read by somebody in Germany or Argentina. Like the video below, this can go around the world.

Make this video go around the world

Listen to this 12 year old girl in her speech to the United Nations. It's going and your world. Listen and please act !
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