Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unthinking Urbanization Cities Without Thought

Back in January, this weblog had a post on How Should We Be Thinking About Urbanization? Are We? based on and inspired by a Freakonomics quorum and supported by other links. There seems to still be a good argument that we are not despite the efforts of some.

Here are perspectives from two major newspapers of two urban centers on two sides of the continental United states regarding the urbanization of cities. This first deals with policy of city urbanization and the lack of attention.

"The New York Times" OPINION Editorial: In Search of a Real Urban Policy
For more than a generation, presidential aspirants have mostly resisted acknowledging the importance of the cities' well being.
The second deals with the result of that neglect.

Urban renewal project in L.A. begets blight instead By Ted Rohrlich Los Angeles Times Staff Writer April 27 2008, 10:38 PM PDT Visit
The city has little to show for the millions of dollars paid to a developer for the Santa Barbara Plaza project in the Crenshaw district.

It was supposed to have been a model of urban renewal -- a mix of housing and classy stores to replace a decaying 20-acre shopping center at the foot of the affluent Baldwin Hills.

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