Thursday, May 8, 2008

Coming Up With The Answer(.com) But Still Looking For The Questions

For myself, I like keeping my real life/day job persona separate from my web 2.0 world persona, but since it pays the bills that is not alway possible, at least in terms of getting to this weblog. To be honest, sometimes is not a matter of can't, it is more a matter of not getting my motivation up. So when the causes and conditions all come together to write, I should write.

I still find myself both amazed and perplexed by the web. Recently, I found that this weblog was included within the responses to an inquiry to The question was "What role creativity and innovation play in entrepreneurship?" My post Creative-Destruction, Entrepreneurship And Innovation from February of this year was sixth on the first page. 'What Is Management's Role in Innovation?' from HBS Working Knowledge was on the second page.

While its pretty cool to be on the first page, I know that it is more likely than not because I linked to a number of different reputable articles so that readers got more bang for their buck. Still, as somebody who sees this as a means of self-education, and who often finds HBS Working Knowledge to be a valuable resource in that education, I have to wonder what was the criteria for the ranking.

Update: This post once published moved into the number 2 position under the same page from under web results. Arguably, it takes more than just grabbing the selected words in a group of sentences on a page to glean any real wisdom out of the web. Second Update: This post is off the first page. My original post is still there and the What Is Management's Role in Innovation? — HBS Working Knowledge has moved to 3 positions below it. The only reason I can see for the ranking is that my post offers three resources and is more focused on creative-destruction.

Update 7/11/2008 My post is now no longer listed in the first 10 pages. The HBS article remains on the first page.

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