Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Seeking Serendipity and Sageness

I am still experimenting with how to best use the various tagging systems that I have been trying out and how to best combine them together. So far I have been feeding websites of interest into this weblog and maintaining a running narrative regarding them. The websites are then tagged and filed away under one of the tagging systems. It is the weblog that provides the cognisant thread. The linked websites, which are the primary reason for having the weblog, are not the focus, though they should be.

Lately I have been experimenting with StumbleUpon. In a previous post I wrote about the idea behind Stumble Upon being that you find websites that you like and that you review them for others to discover. That exercise provided a different perspective on the websites I had gathered. I also listed some of the shortcomings of Stumble Upon compared with One advantage though is that StumbleUpon allows you to use html. So I am able to link back to specific posts. However, I don't have to, I can instead use StumbleUpon as a blogging tool as envisioned by Jon Barger. Stumble Upon may actually fulfill one of the conditions of good blogging tips from Jon Barger better than

"1. A true weblog is a log of all the URLs you want to save or share. (So is actually better for blogging than

The focus then is on the websites rather than the weblog. I can highlight websites featured in the weblog, link new websites to past posts as updates, or independently save posts of interest.

While I don't want to focus on the quantity of websites I find, there are many I would like to save and share but don't want to write about in this blog.

With Stumble Upon I can collect interesting websites, find out what others are collecting or even use their Stumble button and find a random site based on my interests, serendipity in action!

There also seems to be more social interaction on StumbleUpon than I have had others connect to me on both systems but I have only recently connected to others on The social connection on is harder to see though than on StumbleUpon.

Next step is to see if I can't find a way to incorporate diigo into all of this or determine some of its relative advantages and disadvantages.

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