Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Baby Boomer Path to Starting A New Paradigm At Age 50+

Despite having made some in-roads to understanding the Web 2.0 World a little better and benefiting from the past advice from Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist, my Boomer roots still leak through. The most apparent being the +50 format that I use for this weblog. I will still be looking to Brazen Careerist for insight in the ever evolving modern job market, but I also need insight from somebody with more of an affinity with my life perspective.

Anita Campbell's post on 1/31/08 "Starting a Business at Age 50+ " via her Small Business Trends | small business experts recommends Mark Miller.

Mark Miller, one of our contributing experts here who covers Baby Boomer entrepreneurship, produced a video interview you should catch. He interviews Jeff Williams, founder of BizStarters, which helps entrepreneurs age 50 and over start businesses. Mark also launched a new website about active working retirement, called Retirement Revised. We'll be bringing you another column from Mark that will be posted here as soon as I input it, double check hyperlinks, etc. Until then, I thought you might enjoy the video.

On 2/7/08 Mark Miller, himself in Small Business Trends writes:

We’ve all heard the predictions. Baby boomers won’t retire — they’ll start second careers. And many of them will become entrepreneurs. What does that really mean? In many cases, they’ll be sole proprietors — people who set up one-person shops that leverage the expertise and contacts built up over several decades of corporate employment. Often, these businesses don’t require much start-up financing. Empowered by the Internet, Boomer entrepreneurs often keep overhead low by setting up shop in their homes. And rather than take on the responsibility of hiring employees, they strike up relationships with other sole proprietors to provide key services, such as bookkeeping and marketing. (more…)

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