Saturday, December 22, 2007

Looking For The Hits Or Let The Hits Look For You

The recent post on HitTail got a hit from HitTail itself or to be more precise the HitTail blog Everybody Loves HitTail. What I find interesting is that the hit first came through and was on the first page. Now its no longer to be found, at least not on the first six pages and has been replaced by, at again the first page.

This helped to ante up my Technorati authority again. I still have to learn a good deal more about Technorati. It is recognizing my posts but not my tags. Also had a hit from the United Kingdom from a secretarial blog there. The keyword they used was Not sure if this means they were actually looking for my blog. It is hard to determine as their blog is password protected. So the possibility exists that a secret secretarial society in Surrey was surveying my web snippets.

I am also realizing that as far as the hits from HitTail go, there is little relationship between what I am currently writing and what brings people to my site. A recent December hit was on my Walt Whitman post which was actually posted back in November. The Questioning Assumptions post was also done in November but was hit in December, again from the United Kingdom. It is questionable whether they got what they were looking for or were they more likely asking questioning economic assumptions at a more fundamental level.

My subscribers on FeedBurner though reached a new high of 18 this past Wednesday. That beats my former high by 4. Feedburner does seem to be more current, with whatever I am blogging about at the moment. Not that they necessarily connect directly with my blog. Top link for the day on Wednesday was Professor Beth Noveck who was part of the civic media discussion found at the Define How We Communicate Define Our Culture post. The hit was through my account though not my blog. The Connecting Throughout The World post itself was also at the top of the list on that day.

For the entire time that I have been doing this blog so far the top 3 posts with the most clicks have been my post Transcending Economic Castes with 20 clicks, a direct hit to Staff Bios for the Center For Social Media with 19 and Professor Noveck with 18 total. So its seems apparent that the fair use and civic media posts had the most bang. I do not have a problem with not having people getting directly to my blog. This blog was designed as a gateway to those weblinks that I find interesting or informative with the hope that others will as well.

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