Monday, November 26, 2007

So Money (of any currency) Can Buy Happiness

I have run into this blog and specifically this post from The Happiness Project: how money CAN buy you happiness a few times during my recent web-wanderings. Two of those times are of particular note. The first time did not have anything to do with happiness but with connectivity or commonality. I share common interests with Ashotosh Tiwari the writer of the Nepal Times article, "It’s a blog world". Mr. Tiwari also uses Google Reader and reads, which according to Mr. Tiwari, "is the destination if you want to learn why, among others, high brow game theorists were again awarded Nobel Prizes in economics". He also suggests that for advice on how to operate a business better, , is "a useful hub of articles, blog rolls and links. With postings on topics such as “How not to run a meeting?” the site is packed with tips for hurried and harried managers". One that this site has visited in the past is which "is billed as “a practical blog for non-practical people”." Another website that I may not share but others surely do is Of course there are a couple which focus on Mr. Tiwari's part of the world and , one which focuses on design and which provides, "workable suggestions to increase personal productivity at work and home." Finally he reads which, "has test-driven both schmaltzy and serious happiness theories, and it offers advice on everything from avoiding office romances to filling up your life with simple acts of happiness." Mr. Tiwari recognizes that "Running a business is only a small slice of life. Being happily productive every day is what probably matters more to people". The post that was current on the day I visited Mr. Tiwari's article was The Happiness Project: how money CAN buy you happiness. The second time was while going through my recent web-wandering while working with the concept of achieving happiness through our choices in life especially at work. Arguably, Mr. Tiwari and I have a good deal in common, at least on the Internet, and at least in the human commonality of seeking happiness. The original discovery of Nepal It’s a blog world was through Marginal Revolution.

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